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and Neurodivergent Specialty Clinic 

Helping You Spread Your Wings Again

We provide our services in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment.

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We Care About Your Mental  Wellbeing

Mental health is an integral part of overall health. So many things in life are stressful. Mental health care shouldn't be complicated. We provide care and assistance in many areas of life. From life skills coaching to therapy, we provide it all under one roof. Our therapists are trained in many areas, with most of them knowledgeable about trauma and neurodivergent people.

More about Our Services 

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About Our Clinic

Growing clinic that treats many mental health issues and treats you with dignity and care and concern. Find out more about our staff above.

Online Therapy Services

Whatever your reason, whether you are working, in school, anxious, or uncomfortable with in-person sessions, we can accommodate. We provide telehealth for most of our services. 

Our clinic 

We now have an office over at 200 Old 63 south ste 201. We'd be happy to see you there. Its behind clovers natural market. Located in the old Outdoors building. 

About Butterfly Beginnings LLC

Our Vision 

To help neurodivergent people and people with trauma navigate this world with fewer barriers. To treat all people with equity and to provide services based on your needs.

Our Mission

Trauma leaves many people’s lives scarred, and damaged, they often feel trapped (stuck in a cocoon) and our goal is to help them find the courage and the tools to be able to leave their cocoon and fly again.

Neurodivergent care by a neurodivergent therapist, the goal of treatment is to lessen the stresses placed on you or your loved one by society and being forced to fit a mold not meant for neurodivergent. 

We Believe That:

  • Mental health is just as important as physical health.
  • Each person we serve is unique, and therefore, the care that they receive will be personalized for them.
  • It’s important to provide compassionate care in a private setting where you are more than just a face.
  • Neurodivergent people are wonderful, insightful people who need support not judgment

Insurances Accepted 

  • UMR
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare Commercial 
  • Aetna
  • Optum
  • some EAP programs

Now Booking Cash Clients 

We now have late evening appointments for cash paying clients. Willing to superbill. 


A Brief History of Our Business

Like many businesses, ours began with hope and a dream. A hope that mental health would be treated as precious as physical health. A hope that people with mental health difficulties would be cared for and treated with dignity. A hope that mental health services are accessible by all and personalized to each person's needs. A dream where each person, no matter their diagnosis,  no matter their skin color, no matter their gender identity, no matter their sexual preference, no matter their disability, no matter what could and would be treated with care and compassion. A dream of a place where people can go and feel accepted and like they belong. 

A place where they can spread their wings and fly.

Why Butterfly Beginnings

The butterfly progresses through many stages in its life; many people are the same. Some stages are not always appealing- much like the caterpillar. Some stages ask us to draw in and grow- much like cocooning. Therapy can be an experience that asks us to grow as well - with the ultimate goal to come out the other side beautiful butterflies and ready to fly again.

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